Enhancing and assisting
customer interactions

Enhancing and assisting
customer interactions

Smarter Customer Interactions

Self service & conversational bots

Our Digital Voice solution delivers self service at scale. It puts the chatbot on the phone channel where most contact still occurs. Great design is critical, which is why we use conversation experts and create interactions that combine voice and text channels for the best experiences. We design and deploy leading edge but proven solutions, such as  the conversation platforms Dialogflow, Lex and Teneo and cloud communication platforms from Twilio, Nexmo and AWS.

Whether text, voice or multi-channel bots are your focus, we are unique in our understanding of the vendor market and how to design for optimum business outcomes and customer experiences.

Agent assistance

As you automate more of the simple interactions, AI can help to bring consistency and effectiveness to the more complex processes that your frontline need to deal with. Bots are doing this using natural language understanding to monitor speech or text conversations in real time. Whether you’re popping the right screen when a customer asks about a bill or offering technical support next steps, Agent Assistants can supercharge your workforce. Success depends on a rigorous design process, taking small steps and excellent frontline engagement. Whether you want a bespoke or off the shelf solution, we can help you deliver the business benefits of this technology more effectively and faster than you could do alone.

Omni-channel orchestration

As digital channels continue to proliferate, the problem of creating and managing a joined-up communication strategy across the channels just gets harder. Efficient and effective operations need to use the data to make routing decisions based on current intent, contact history, channel and resource availability. Regardless of what systems you have, we can help you to develop a centralised data management strategy, architecture and AI driven decision making capability that will maximise the value of your data for omni-channel management.

Smarter robotic process automation (RPA)

RPA and AI work hand in hand to drive efficiency in both the front and back office. While RPA handles the straightforward tasks, AI allows you to increasingly deploy smarter automated decision making that glues the different stages of the process automation together. RPA vendors do not typically provide the intelligence layer. We can help to increase the value of your chosen RPA solution or design a smarter solution for you.

Proactive service

Contacting the customer ahead of an inbound contact that could have been predicted and avoided, is lower cost and a better customer experience. That could mean dealing with issues before they become complaints or identifying technical support needs that are triggered by connected in-home devices. Of course, connecting with prospects at the optimum time with the the right offers can also impact your bottom line too. AI and automation has a great part to play in predicting precisely why and when this will be a business benefit and deliver a positive customer response.

By building bespoke prediction models, using the right data and methods, including machine learning, we can help you deliver maximum impact. We adopt a test and learn approach with control groups so you can quickly discover what has most benefit. From there, we help you to roll out these models into the day to day operation for maximum impact where it is needed. You will reduce contact and improve customer satisfaction.

Customer communication design

Use the power of behavioural science, supercharged by Artificial Intelligence, to increase sales, improve satisfaction and wisely reduce service contact.

Good communication depends on both what you say and how you say it. When a service email is short, clear and positive, 24% more consumers said they would be likely to ask for a quote.

Mazaru Insights identifies how to improve your written communication on any channel including through chat. Humanotics developed Insights for Customer Communication Specialists, Mazaru. It uses unique machine learning models to analyse tone of voice against brand values, assess a range of quality metrics such as Rapport, Effort and Confidence, and benchmarks you against others across industries. The Artificial Intelligence tells you not only how you compare but what you need to do precisely to improve.

Smarter Business Insight

Conversation analytics

Understanding why and how often customers make contact is the key to improving service or sales interactions. Calls or live chats are hard to analyse because the key insights are spread across the conversation, customers can wander off topic and issues may be implied rather than explicitly called out. The noise in customer conversations is high!

Manual analysis has been the way to gather this insight at a small scale until AI arrived. We combine these tools with our expert human conversation analysts to provide the best of both worlds. Our Conversation Analytics tools analyse the conversation not just the text, provide insight on root cause and deliver improvement actions across all your unstructured conversation.

Sales optimisation

How you do replicate the performance of your best sales advisors? Our Sales Optimisation framework can help you. We offer a unique model to build the DNA of your ideal sales interaction, state of the art speech recognition tools to evaluate every call and AI powered analysis of how to modify the conversation to drive better sales outcomes for each advisor. Feedback can happen in real time to assist the advisor to guide the conversation in a positive direction or dashboards provide detailed post call analysis of what was said and how it was said. The benefit is a data-drive profile of your best sales advisor’s calls that can be quickly replicated across the team.

Insight and analytics

With increasing volumes of unstructured and structured data from customer interactions and feedback, making connections and extracting actionable insight is challenging. Speech recognition and text analytics tools have advanced with machine learning algorithms, but custom topic, sentiment and emotion detectors are still required. Plus, skilled analyst knowledge is needed to extract meaningful insight.
We have the AI tools for effective classification, accurate predictions and to extract deeper insight than ever before. We can tackle any business question to help you drive sales, reduce failure demand and improve satisfaction. This can be a snapshot or we can deliver a programme of regular insight.

Propensity modelling & NBA

Poor campaign data is a waste of your resources and creates a poor experience for customers and prospects. Getting started with more effective, accurate sales propensity or next best action modelling is quicker and easier than ever through machine learning models. Developing the model in the first place is therefore relatively straight forward, with the right data. It is just as important to build the effective ‘training loop’ that ensure the AI will continually learn during each campaign and that those learnings are passed onto the next. We have the AI tools to build your high performing model and the operational design expertise to help you deploy it effectively.

Smarter Operational Performance

Quality and compliance

Advances in speech and text analytics tools mean that automation of Compliance and many aspects of Quality Monitoring are realistic possibilities. Quality of speech transcription is critical in the first place – we work with the best solutions for this. You will also need to build bespoke models, tuned to your customer interactions, to get the accurate results for insight such as sentiment, emotion and topic analysis. We have built and deployed automated scorecards for clients. While the technology is important, as much focus is needed on the operational change and engagement of staff. Our balance of expertise in customer operations and the leading-edge technology is key to success.

Operations and campaign planning

Workforce Management (WFM) providers are leading the way to embed AI into their solutions to support better scheduling. Forecasting customer demand for products and service, or in response to different marketing campaigns, still requires a more bespoke approach. That means a clear understanding of the planning objective, the key drivers and sensitives, the data available. Our team can help you to scope of any forecasting problem and select the best prediction model for the job to deliver more accurate outcomes that can be achieved without the benefit of AI.


Candidate profiling and automated video interviews, underpinned by machine learning models, are becoming common in high volume recruitment scenarios such as customer operations. Tools can now effectively analyse visual responses as well as spoken interactions. Building unbiased models to evaluate the data that is captured from candidate profiles is one of the critical elements of deploying AI effectively into the recruitment process. We can help you to evaluate the business case, select solutions and build a robust process.

Performance management

Personal coaching and team development applications use AI to drive better behaviours. For example, nudging teams into greater cooperation and peer support; managing informal surveys through chat to gather 360 feedback and assess engagement levels; or suggesting next best training or coaching actions. The challenge is not just understanding the technology but ensuring the organisational change can be achieved to get the benefits. We can guide you through the whole process in steps that make sense for you.

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