About Humanotics

About Humanotics

We support you end-to-end to deliver smarter operations, interactions and insight. Our Digital Discovery builds your business case and our Digital Garage will design, test and develop innovative but practical AI-powered solutions. If you just want the right people to do it yourself, we can help you find them.  Our experienced, flexible team can support your digital customer operations journey every step of the way.

How we work

Our approach gives you the support you need end to end or we can target our help to where it is most required.

We develop the vision and pinpoint your business opportunities through data analytics and assessment.

We design new customer interaction, performance or insight models, and technology solutions to deliver them.

We ensure there is a rapid but robust test, learn and build process using our Digital Garage agile deployment methodology.

We source the right people so you have the capabilities to continue to optimise your new operating model.

We support you ongoing with managed services to embed ‘industrial strength’ performance.

Delivering Outcomes

We deliver outcomes that are:


Designed first for user experience

Services that people can’t or don’t want to use must become a thing of the past. Whether it’s end-to-end journeys or complex conversation design, we always start with the experiences you want to deliver to achieve better outcomes for you and the customer.


Delivered incrementally through a Digital Garage 

Our Digital Garage approach means that your solutions are proven before going to production. Agile working keeps a focus on speed, delivery and outcomes. This test and learn approach optimises the return on investment and upskills your team for greater ownership.


Supported by best-fit technologies

Get the capabilities you need, when you need them. Customer interaction technology, backed by Al, is changing fast. Modular and cloud-hosted ‘micro-services’ are growing rapidly but choices are complex. We create flexible, lower cost solutions that are suited to your business operation and technical architecture, whether its Google, AWS or any other platform.


Focused on commercial outcomes

Get the benefits without the risks. Solutions must deliver real business benefits and innovation must still pay its way. Our Lab-to-Live approach means you can test and learn quickly without major investment and know that solutions will work at scale.

Sustained through new operating models

Working with these new technologies in augmented operations requires new operating models. New data analytics, continuous improvement and cloud service management teams are a few of these. We can provide a managed service across the whole solution or simply help to get your new operating model into shape.

Why I set up Humanotics

“After 25 years designing and delivering leading edge customer experiences with clients across the globe I could clearly see a change happening with the rise of Al. But clients had more confusion and questions than understanding and vision, so I decided to address that.

With a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, a wealth of analytical skills and years of solving commercial and operational challenges for clients, I could see how to bridge the gap from Al hype to delivering practical business benefits.

It’s critical not to forget that Al is just the technology and so we always come back to evaluating the business benefit in everything we do. Secondly, we recognise the crucial role that people play in making the technology a success. We put them at the heart of our approach.

That’s what I’ve built the Humanotics team to do.”

David Naylor

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