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We demystify Artificial Intelligence and advanced Digital Customer Management technologies to deliver you the benefits faster. We combine all the creative thinking and delivery focus of a Design Agency with the operational excellence of Customer Contact Specialists. Our People Solutions will also equip you with the skills you need in a modern Digital Workforce.

Smarter customer interactions, experiences and outcomes

You want to reduce costs or drive sales without compromising customer experience. Building consistent and engaging digital customer experiences across channels will free up resources to focus on the interactions that matter most to you and your customers. You can see the potential of the latest cloud and AI powered technology to deliver your goals but where do you start? Whether you’re looking to supercharge your voice self service, empower your agents or create your roadmap for RPA, we can help – from strategy, through proof of concept then into production and beyond.
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Smarter insights and actions from data

You want your data to work harder and AI can help. Uncovering and acting on hidden insights can improve sales conversion and target service needs more efficiently and effectively. Perhaps you have some business intelligence tools but you also need the right skills and a systematic approach to take the whole organisation forward. Conversation analytics, speech analytics and sales propensity models are some of the areas we assist. Let us make your data work harder – we can power you with Al, analytics, robust processes and the right skills internally to drive it.
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Smarter operations with the right skills

Your challenge is always to do more with less in your operations. You also want to develop the skills you need for your Digital Workforce. AI is now enabling more effective solutions for managing quality and compliance, planning, process improvement, recruitment and skills development. We can assist you to build a complete Digital Target Operating Model, decide whether to buy or build the capabilities you need or source the right people for the short or long term.
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10 things they don’t tell you about Artificial Intelligence

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“Humanotics has been brilliant and provided much more than technical expertise around Artificial Intelligence. The team has years of experience in transforming customer operations. They understood how to turn a vision into reality and did that very quickly. ”

Fran Fish, Boss

“We talked to many people but only Humanotics understood our business problem, the capabilities of the latest technologies and how to go about delivering a solution. ”

Jayne Lansdell, Associate Director of Technology and Process

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